CheerAV is a collaboration of audio professionals from Nick At Night DJ Service and video professionals from Lockwood Media Group.  The CheerAV Group insures a seamless, integrated production of audio and video services at cheer competitions of all sizes.

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Professional AV services for your cheer competition

It's time for the show!  As an event director, your job is demanding.  You put in long hours to insure a quality,  flawless event, but coordinating the production vendors can be complicated.  Mounds of paperwork, phone calls, contracts, directions, forms….it makes your job exhausting.

Welcome to the CheerAV Group.  Our job is making your job easy.

Finally, a single production company that combines the audio and video resources of companies that understand the unique needs of cheer and dance competitions.

The CheerAV Group is a collaboration of audio pros from Nick At Night DJ Service and Lockwood Media Group.  Both companies have years of experience at cheer and dance competitions, and have worked with some of the largest names in the industry.


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